Good growing medium for all types of plants

cocobag vinatap1

cocobag vinatap1

cocobag vinatap1coco bag vinatap 50L



✓ Low EC, pH stabilized

✓ Good water & nutrient retention, desirable aeration to develop good roots

✓ Natural, eco-friendly and reusable

✓ Free of impurities and contaminants

✓ No insects and harmful microorganism

✓ Achieve OMRI Listed


Cocopeat bag : 50 litter/13GL/10kg.

Size < 8mm.

No Hg, Pb, Cadmium, Arsenic and no harmful microorganisms Ecoli, Salmonella, mold.
Sterilized at 350 degrees Celsius

OptionalLow Ec or High Ec

Ratio Peat/ short Fiber: 95% peat + 5% fiber; 80/20 ; 70/30; 60/40

Packing: 2.250 bags/27tons/18pallets/container 40HC

Price FOB Viet Nam : Good growing medium for all types of plants

cocobag vinatap1



✓ Ready to use

✓ Suitable for greenhouses and gardens

✓ Various application in both cultivation and husbandry or even fertilizer production

cocobag vinatap1



✓ Used both outdoors and indoors in large-scale farms, greenhouses or even small gardens

✓ Application to grow most kinds of plants, vegetables, fruits and cannabis

✓ Being as mixture for fertilizer production

✓ Being as an animal bedding, serving husbandry

✓ Superior substrate for broad types of reptiles, amphibians, small animals or insects

Note: The moisture content, blends and ratios of coco peat, coco fiber, coco chips and other specifications are changeable.

cocobag vinatap1


cocobag vinatap1 


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cocobag vinatap1