Product Description

Coconut peat is a natural fiber made from coconut shells. It is a good soil conditioner, multi-purpose growing medium. It has been recognized as having a high water holding capacity, resulting in low air permeability in the environment. It is 100% organic and eco-friendly.
USES: Seedling trays, horticultural soil, Root induction, Various potting mixes & Agriculture, Horticultural crops, crops, etc.

More information

PLU Coconut peat-25kg
Delivery time 2 to 3 days after confirmation
Production capacity 99.000 bags/month
Packing details PP bag size: 70cm x 110cm (150 litter)

The bag coco peat VinaTap low compression bag used in many applications in the growing industry is made from coco peat. They are produced using different blends based on crop requirements by increasing or decreasing the proportion of coir in the mix. We can also add coconut flakes or crushed material to the mix. The uniqueness of the bag is that it is less compressible and easy to loosen and also maintains a moisture content in the range of 25-35%.

As a soil substitute, it can be used in potting mixes, landscaping, seeding, home gardening and it helps to condition the soil. In golf and mushroom growing. The bag coco peat VinaTap low compression bags are more popular than any other media. Not only that, they are also popular in bonsai mixes, vegetable beds and rose planting. The bag is packaged in a white poly bag for easy transportation and handling. It's a ready-made product and can handle less hustle.