Cocopeat Low EC VinaTap 1000L

Ready to use. Economical. Largest size up to the capacity of 1.0 cubic meters. Applied for all kinds of plants. Suitable for large-scale farms. 

Cocopeat Low EC VinaTap contain loose coco coir as an organic alternative growing substrate with customized blends of coco peat, coco fiber and coco chips. Bulk totes (washed or unwashed) can serve multiple choices of customers with distinct purposes.

Cocopeat Low EC VinaTap 1.000L in the shape of tote is our new arrival. It is economical due to its volume up to 1.000L. Hence, it is also suitable for both large-scale farms and greenhouse farming.


✓ Low EC, pH 5.5 - 6.5

✓ Good water & nutrient retention, desirable aeration to develop good roots

✓ Natural, eco-friendly and reusable

✓ Free of impurities and contaminants

✓ No insects and harmful microorganism

✓ Achieve OMRI Listed

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✓ Save storage space

✓ Easy to transport by forklift

✓ Save labor costs in packing, loading and unloading


✓ Used both outdoors and indoors, ideal for large-scale farms

✓ Application to grow most kinds of plants, vegetables, fruits and cannabis

✓ Being as mixture for fertilizer production

✓ Being as an animal bedding, serving husbandry

✓ Superior substrate for broad types of reptiles, amphibians, small animals or insects

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Note: The moisture content, blends and ratios of coco peat, coco fiber, coco chips and other specifications are changeable.