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Coconut Fiber or Coir Fiber is a natural fiber that is extracted from the coconut husks. It is used in various applications such as Mattresses, Rope, Door mats, Floor mats, Brushes, Fiber pots, Fiber trays and Geo-textiles.

What is coconut fiber ?
Coconut fibers is an eco-friendly material which is found between the hard, internal shell of the outer coat of a coconut. After fully mature coconuts are selling, they are put into machines to separate the long bristle fibers underneath the skin of the nut. This process is called wet-milling. The coconut fiber is relatively waterproof, and is one of the few natural materials that are resistant to damage by seawater.

Coconut Fiber
∗ Material: 100% coconut shell
∗ Port: Cat Lai Port, Hochiminh City, Vietnam
∗ Payment: T/T, L/C
∗ Original: Ben Tre, Vietnam
∗ Supply: 40,000 - 50,000 packs per month

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