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Techniques for growing clean vegetables in styrofoam pots at home - Vinatap

Update: 16/02/2022
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Below this article are the steps from A to Z that Vinatap wants to send to the women so that we can try our skills in growing vegetables in styrofoam!

Most of us women, everyone wants to stay in their house or garden to have a clean back garden, to serve family life. But because of the limited area, many women still do not have a way to have a clean vegetable garden in their house. But don't worry, Vinatap is here, we will help you have a clean vegetable garden right in your narrow house!


thùng xốp trồng rau

The first thing we need to prepare is the deep foam containers that will provide space for the roots to grow. You can make use of the old Styrofoam bins if you have one in your family, or find and buy a Styrofoam box of the size you want, suitable for each type of vegetable.

Organic soils, microbial fertilizers and vegetable seeds are selected and purchased at reputable clean vegetable seed stores to ensure the quality of soil, fertilizer as well as the germination rate of the seeds.

To ensure the quality of growth of vegetables in Styrofoam containers, we need products that improve the amount of nutrients regularly, using nutrient-rich soil. Vinatap invites you to read the article on how to use organic soil to grow vegetables in Styrofoam containers!

Use sawdust and specialized water to irrigate regularly, add the necessary substances to help grow vegetables. Enhance nutrients for plants to develop comprehensively, inject a trowel to treat the surface of the soil, spray mist, etc. to support you in the process of growing and caring for vegetables.


chuẩn bị trồng rau

Use a trowel to make small holes in the bottom of each Styrofoam container in two evenly spaced rows to allow the soil to drain. Pour organic soil into ¾ styrofoam bin (before pouring into the Styrofoam bin, mix well with bio-fertilizer).

Put the foam boxes on the racks, tools to support them on the terrace or at the porch, balcony… Use a spray bottle to water clean water regularly to create moisture for the boxes, use a spatula to lightly dig the surface. soil on the surface of the styrofoam to prepare the seeding work.

Vegetable seeds are suitable for growing in styrofoam containers, which can be mentioned as sweet vegetables, chrysanthemums (banana), lettuce, spinach, water spinach, mini carrots, mini radishes... especially such as the way of spices such as hot peppers, basil, perilla, cilantro. Before sowing, you soak the seeds in warm water for about 6 to 8 hours, then take them out and dry them.

The process to deploy a model of growing vegetables in a Styrofoam box is above. Vinatap has also introduced to you some safe and clean ways to grow vegetables, right? But in the methods of growing vegetables on Vinatap, please read some more articles such as using coir to grow safe and effective vegetables!

Use a trowel to make small holes in the surface of the soil and then place the vegetable seeds in, cover with soil and lightly compact. Cover a thin layer of sawdust about 0.7 - 1.0cm on the surface of the soil, then water the plants. Note that each container should not be sown with too many seeds, because when sprouting and too many roots grow, the soil does not have enough nutrients to help the roots grow steadily.


cách chăm sóc rau

The location to be suitable for vegetables grown in Styrofoam containers after sowing is where there is a lot of sunshine in the early morning, shady in the evening. You need to pay attention to raise the Styrofoam containers by placing them on the bricks to help the soil drain.

Need to water every day for plants and vegetables, especially you need to pay attention and water regularly on hot, dry days. Use more nutrient water mixed with clean water and irrigate once a week to supplement nutrients for vegetables, in addition can keep the soil and plants moist with water to wash rice or tea residue.

Most newly sprouted vegetables need a lot of light, but when we leave it out in too much light, it will cause sunburn if the sun shines directly on it. So we need to move them to the shade when necessary or use a black plastic bag to cover until the tree is sturdy.

If the vegetable sprouts become yellow, showing signs of lack of nutrients, you should use more fertilizers with the prescribed dosage and do not forget to prevent and detect pests.


thu hoạch rau

For vegetables grown in Styrofoam containers with carefully selected seeds, soil, and fertilizers, your family can be completely assured of their safety and quality, right. You should grow vegetables and fruits according to the motto "you can grow vegetables in every season" so that you can harvest according to the season and give high yields.

So, as long as you use used foam boxes and with your diligence and passion, you can own a mini clean vegetable garden right in your lovely home, right?

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