VinaTap Coir Pellets - Jiffy Bag - Coir Plugs

Coir pellets VinaTap - Jiffy Bag

Coir pellets VinaTap - Jiffy Bag

VinaTap coir pellets - Made in Vietnam. Coco Peat Coir Pellets Seeds Starter Plug Pallets Seedlings Soil Blocks
Coir pellets: Peat pellets have a better root system that is able to absorb more oxygen, fluids and nutrients
Easy Transplantation: Once the seedlings are grown, simply plug the entire pods into the pot, planter, or directly into the ground in your garden or front yard.
Perfect Size: Each coir soil disc is 1.5 inches in diameter; Perfect size for growing flowers, herbs, houseplants and vegetables
High quality: Our seed pellets are made from coir, an ideal alternative to traditional potting soil.
What's Included: Includes 36 starter beads wrapped in white non-woven fabric.

Plant growing substrate
Coco Plugs

VinaTap Coco Plugs substrate is ideal for the propagation stage in a plant's life. They provide a highly stable and inert environment that promotes young plant growth and encourages extreme root growth before they are transferred into Grow Bags on industry-realistic farmland. hydroponic growing and professional gardening. Additionally, our coconut plugs are available in completely biodegradable and compostable packaging, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for your gardening needs.​

Dimensions, plant openings, watering and drainage holes can be changed according to your requirements.

Professional gardening
Professional floristry
Professional landscape
Gardening hobby
Bell pepper
Cannabis as medicine
Other plants and herbs

Coir pellets VinaTap - Jiffy Bag

Coir pellets VinaTap - Jiffy Bag

Product Description


Coir pellets VinaTap - Jiffy Bag

Coir pellets VinaTap - Jiffy Bag


Coir pellets VinaTap - Jiffy Bag

Coir pellets VinaTap - Jiffy Bag



* Before water immersion: Height: 1.7 - 1.8 cm, Diameter: 3.6 cm

* After soaking in water: Height: 5.6 - 6.5 cm, Diameter: 3.4 - 4 cm

* Raw materials: 100% coco peat low EC

Advantages of coir tablets:

* Easy-to-use seeding mix in tablet form.

* No messy soil to handle or clean.

*Earth-friendly coir holds water but provides good aeration for healthy root growth.

* Add nutrient-rich worm manure.

* Sold in carton box of 1000 pcs.

Coir pellets VinaTap - Jiffy Bag

Coir pellets VinaTap - Jiffy Bag

99% success
* Type of tree.

* Plant cuttings.

* Athlete development.

* Hydroponic substrate.

Step 1: Drop the coir into your nut or umbrella starter.

Step 2: Add water and wait for about 5 minutes for these pellets to expand to form a mixture that begins to have tamarind seeds.

Step 3: Put the seeds into the coir medium.

Step 4: Wait for the seeds to grow.

Step 5: Send coir to the tree or pot to continue growing.

Step 6: Harvest



Coir pellets VinaTap - Jiffy BagCoir pellets VinaTap - Jiffy Bag

- 1000 pieces/cardboard box

- 10kg/barrel


10 days after receiving the deposit.

Coir pellets VinaTap - Jiffy Bag

Frequently asked questions
Q1. What payment terms can you accept?
A: We can accept TT, L/C, Western Union, Credit Card, Cash and so on.
Q2: Why choose us?
A: Manufacturer of all kinds of seals, with low price, high quality and short delivery time
Q3: MOQ and delivery time?
A: 1 piece is ok. On time delivery.

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