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  • Coir Pellets: Peat pellets have a better root system capable of soaking up more oxygen, liquid and nutrients
  • Easy To Transplant: Once seedlings have grown, simply insert the entire seed starter pod into a ceramic pot, planter, or directly into the ground in your garden or front yard
  • The Perfect Size: Each coir soil disk has a diameter of 1.5 inches; perfectly sized for growing flowers, herbs, house plants, and vegetables
  • High Quality: Our seed starter pellets are made from coco coir, an ideal alternative to traditional potting soil
  • What's Included: Includes 36 seed starter pellets wrapped in white non-woven fabric

Product Description



* Before soak in water: Height: 1.7 - 1.8 cm, Dia: 3.6 cm

* After soak in water: Height: 5.6 - 6.5 cm, Dia: 3.4 - 4 cm

* Material: 87% cocopeat and other microbiological fertilizer

The advantaged of coir pellets:

* Easy to use seed starting mix in compressed pellets form.

* No messy soil to handle or clean up.

* Earth - friendly coconut coir retains water yet provides good aeration for healthy root growth.

* Fortified with nutrient - rich worm castings.

* Sold in a carton box with 1000 pcs.

99% successful

* Plant seed.

* Plant cuttings.

* Grow runners.

* Hydroponic substrate.

Step 1: Drop the coir in your seed starter or cells.

Step 2: Add water and wait until 5 minutes for these pellets expand to create a moise seed starting mix.

Step 3: Put the seed into the coir hold.



Step 4: Wait for the seed to grow.



Step 5: Send the coir into the plant or pot to continue to grow.


Step 6: Harvest



- 1000 pcs/carton box

- 10kg/ carton



10 days after receving deposit.

Q1.What payment terms can you accept?
A: We can accept TT, L/C, Western Union, Credit Card, Cash, etc.
Q2:Why choose us?
A: Manufacturer all kinds of seal,with low price,high quality and short delivery time
Q3:MOQ and Delivery Time?
A:1 piece is ok. Delivery on time.