Coir pellets, also known as granulation pellets, are made from the main raw materials of coco peat and high-quality microbial fertilizer mixed in a reasonable ratio. Coir tablets contain many nutrients that are good for seed germination and stimulate the development of plant roots and are 100% organic, easy to use, and do not pollute the environment.

Plant growing substrate
Coco Plugs

VinaTap Coco Plugs substrate is ideal for the propagation stage in a plant's life. They provide a highly stable and inert environment that promotes young plant growth and encourages extreme root growth before they are transferred into Grow Bags on industry-realistic farmland. hydroponic growing and professional gardening. Additionally, our coconut plugs are available in completely biodegradable and compostable packaging, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for your gardening needs.​

Dimensions, plant openings, watering and drainage holes can be changed according to your requirements.

Professional gardening
Professional floristry
Professional landscape
Gardening hobby
Bell pepper
Cannabis as medicine
Other plants and herbs

Coir pellets are a perfect replacement for conventional nursery pots, helping to overcome the disadvantages of potting breakage of conventional nursery bags and leaving no environmental harm due to complete decomposition in the soil.


After contacting with water, coir pellets expand to 5 times their original size, forming an ideal nursery. Coir pellets save maximum transportation and labor costs due to their compact size. , easy and simple to use. In addition, seed nursery tablets help save care because they contain enough nutrients for the seeds to grow well and naturally.

Seed nursery tablets help to increase seed germination by almost 99%, In addition, seed nursery tablets also help shorten the seedling incubation process many times, reducing the stage of closing the nursery bag, .. and since then it has freed up labor costs significantly. Significantly improve economic efficiency. That is not to mention the use of preventing pests and diseases, increasing the resistance of seedlings at the initial stage ... helping to start the most intense and wonderful vitality.

User manual:

Put the tablet in water for about 1 minute, the tablet will "bloom" into a nursery. Put the seeds (soaked and incubated) into the nursery and take care of them like normal sowing. When the seedlings and roots grow strongly (piercing through the nursery), we can bring the whole pot to a large pot or into the ground.

Soak Seed Nurturing Tablets in normal water for 2 - 5 minutes. Seed Nurturing Tablets - Coir Tablets will bloom 3-4 times higher to form a nursery with enough nutrients and necessary conditions for the germination and development of plants.

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