Rice husk charcoal is a product of burning raw rice husks in anaerobic conditions (lack of oxygen). It is widely used in many fields such as agriculture, construction, handicraft...

Product Name: Rice Husk Charcoal

Packing: 50dm3 per bag


Rice husk charcoal after being burned from the rice husk, its main components are carbohydrates and potassium. In addition, rice husk charcoal also contains Cellulose, Lignin, Hemicellulose, Holocellulose in an easy-to-digest form.

High carbon content above 52%, High Kali content

How to use:

  • Plant tree
  • Fertilizer for crops: Rice husk charcoal can provide nutrients for plants, because it contains nitrogen compounds as well as other substances such as Potassium, Phopho, Calcium. Therefore, rice husks charcoal are often used in fertilizing with other materials such as coir, coconut mulch, decomposed manure, coffee husks, peanuts...

    Due to the composition of rice husk charcoal contains a lot of potassium, you can still use it with organic fertilizers to fertilize the tree in the fruiting stage, this will help the fruit be more delicious.

  • Keep the plants moist
  • Soil improvement
  • Filtered water and toxins

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