What is Cocopeat?

Cocopeat VinaTap is a joint-stock company founded with the vision of providing oversea importers a great source of high-quality products made from coconut material. Our company provides a wide range of coconut products such as coconut fiber, coconut peat, coconut husk…etc, in which coconut peat is one of the main products that make up a large share of the exportation output since foundation.

With the vision of bringing customers environmental-friendly products of high quality, our company has continuously put great effort into creating high-quality Coconut Peat from 100% coconut shell material of Ben Tre province, known as the land of coconut in Vietnam. Thanks to the abundant resource of coconut shells, our factory is receiving a large number of input materials every day for manufacture. Whenever orders come, we always work at the highest productivity in order not to be late for the shipment and make our customers wait even for a minute.

What is cocopeat ?

Coconut peat is a kind of growing medium that is made from coconut husk. Coconut husks after being washed, machine dried are shreded into small pieces which are turned into coconut peat. Coconut peat is viewed as a great soil conditioner and an ideal growing environment for horticulture purposes. Once it absorbs water, coir peat can retain moisture and release it slowly, which provides great conditions for a variety of soil-less plants such as orchid and anthurium to grow. Coconut peat can be packed into 60x110cm pp package or compressed into coconut bricks, which have to be soaked to break them apart.

What is cocopeat used for ?

  • Providing growing medium for soil-less plants such as orchid
  • Keeping the moisture of soil

What makes up the most value of our product comes from the skillful hands of our workers who work with all their hearts to produce coconut peat with the best quality. Above quantity and price, quality is viewed as the keyword in our company’s core value. We work for quality, build up prestige by the quality, and develop our shelves based on quality. With a factory of 16.000m2 scale and modern technology, our coconut peats are always kept in good condition until they are brought to the final customer. Nowadays, due to the great feature of retaining moisture, coconut peats are proving themselves as an ultimate alternative in agriculture and horticulture all around the world.

Package and delivery

With 4 years of experience in exporting a variety of coconut products to many countries in the Asian market such as China and Korea, Taiwan, Australia, USA... we have confidence in meeting the hardest requirement on product quality and delivery service. Since we have close collaboration with many shipping companies through several previous deals, we are able to provide fast and reliable shipment service for the best convenience of customers. Once a deal is closed, the purchased goods will be delivered to customers’ doors safely as fast as possible.

Price term

The price of our coconut peats changes over time and is often decided through negotiation. Therefore, if you want to know more about the price of our coconut peats as well as our price terms and policy, please contact us for more information. We make sure that Cocopeat VinaTap will always bring you the best deal for your benefits

Cocopeat 5kg Bales For Growing Plant Best Quality Organic Coir Pith Brand Manufacturer Wholesaler For Sale
Product Description
Cocopeat bale 4.7- 5.5kg
  1. Size: 30cm(L)x30cm(W)x12cm(H)
  2. 80% Cocopeat, 20% Fiber or 95% peat + 5% short fiber.
  3. EC<0,5ms/cm;
  4. pH 5,2-6,8.
  5. Moisture content: <25%
  6. Impurities < 3%
  7. Organic content more than 90%
  8. Output 1 Mton: approx. 14-15 m3.
  9. Free from pests and harmful organisms Bulk density: approx. 80-90kg/m3

 Contact : +84888888609 (made in Viet Nam)

Contact : +84888888609 (made in Viet Nam)

Contact : +84888888609 (made in Viet Nam)

Contact : +84888888609 (made in Viet Nam)Contact : +84888888609 (made in Viet Nam)