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Update: 16/02/2022
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Rose belongs to the group of woody, low, straight shrubs with many branches. Rose stems and branches have many curved spines.

The leaves of the rose plant are bifurcated leaves. On petioles with smooth stipules, each leaf usually has 3 - 5 or 7 - 9 young leaves. Around the edges of the leaves, there are many small, thick serrations. Depending on the type of rose, this serration is shallow or deep, the leaves are dark or light, or they may have a different leaf shape. Rose has a light fragrance, soft petals, easy to crush. On each plant, there can be 1 flower color, but sometimes there can also be 2 colors on the same flower. Taking care of roses requires meticulousness and time investment, but once you get used to it, you just need enough sunshine to still bloom. Here I would like to introduce to you some simple ways to grow roses at home.


Bare-rooted rose is a plant that is shaken off the soil, trimmed most of the canopy, leaving only the roots, so it is called a bare-root rose. Buyers bring back and plant when the temperature is warmer than the plants, they will no longer be in a dormant state and will sprout new sprouts


It is recommended to buy bare-rooted rose varieties around October or March. Do not import at a time when the weather is too hot.

The soil for growing bare-rooted roses can be used with coal slag or vinatap terracotta gravel, rotting cow dung and rice husk or coir, vinatap's flower land. Note that you should not use inorganic fertilizers or fresh cow and chicken manure because it will make the plants susceptible to poisoning


If terracotta gravel is available, we will line the bottom of the pot with a layer to help drain water to avoid waterlogging of the roots. If not, we use coal slag to pound and then line the bottom part, the rest we mix in the appropriate ratio. Here I guide a general ratio that can be applied to all seasons, but needs to be customized when in different seasons, or in different regions.

The ratio between soil : rice husk : coal slag : coir : organic fertilizer is 2 : 1 : 1 : 1 : 2

Once the soil is mixed, we start lining the bottom with coal slag / terracotta gravel, then add a little coconut fiber (this both helps the roots to drain water and prevents drifting of the substrate and nutrients of the plant). Next, add the mixed soil, press firmly for the bottom of the pot to be cut, then align and place the plant in the appropriate position in the pot. Bare-rooted plants can be dipped to treat fungi before planting, the better. Finally, cover with soil to help the plant stand.


After planting the plant in the pot, we put the plant in the shade or the bathroom to recover quickly, continue to water immediately with 3 types of solutions to wet the pot including: Antonik (or PAO live), anti-fungal, root stimulant. Dosage according to the instructions for each type, usually 1ml of each type mixed with 1 liter of water). Note, at this time the tree is still weak, absolutely do not fertilize at this time. This solution is irrigated 7 days apart within the first 1 month.

When the planting is complete, it should be placed in a cool place. Pay attention to water the plant once in the morning or afternoon. After 3-4 days, the plant can be moved to a sunny place a little more so that the tree can adapt to the weather, but it should not be left in a sunny place after 12 hours. After about 2 to 3 weeks, the new plant sprouts, you can let the plant out.


Planting flowers by cuttings is actually a method of cuttings, and can be done almost any time. However, the best times for cuttings are from February to April and from August to October.


For cuttings persimmon, it is recommended to cut in clean rice husk or sandy soil, mixed with a little organic fertilizer such as decayed cow manure or vermicompost. Planting pots, knives, plastic bags, plastic cups, root stimulants (what is there to use, anyone with fragrant hands may not need roots to come out).


  • Step 1: Punch drainage holes for plastic cups, cut plastic bottles for plants to grow.
  • Step 2: Spread a layer of sand on the bottom of the pot to help drain the water. Then there is the soil layer.
  • Step 3. Till the soil to loosen and water more to moisten enough.
  • Step 4. Choose a healthy rose that is in the mature stage. Good propagating branches are straight, fresh and healthy branches that grow within 1 year.
  • Step 5. Cut diagonally at an angle close to the trunk. the best part near the branches
  • Step 6. Remove dead flower buds. Then you cut off all the leaves on the tree, maybe leave a few leaves to let the plant photosynthesize
  • Step 7. Apply a little root growth stimulant at the base of the branch, or dip it in the stimulant solution
  • Step 8. Use a stick with a chopstick to poke 2 cm deep into the ground and then insert the seedling into that hole. Gently press to make sure the cuttings are in the ground and steady in the rain and wind to protect the cuttings well.
  • Step 9. Place the seedling in a shady place, without direct sunlight. Every day, you just need to water the soil. Pay attention not to touch the plant until rooting after 1 week.


Preparation: rose seeds, super soil vinatap seeding medium, seeding tray


Soaking seeds with a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide can reduce mold growth on the seeds. Or you can soak with warm water at 28 degrees Celsius, soak for at least 1 hour.

After soaking, you put the seeds in a damp material such as wet paper, a wet towel, then put them in the freezer. The purpose is to create wet and cold conditions to help seeds germinate faster. Leave for about 7 days, observe if the towel is dry, you should wet it by dripping water on the towel and seeds. Prepare seeding trays and super soil seeding medium. Use your index finger to press into the soil to create a hole about 6mm deep, this hole we will put the seed in and fill it up. On average, it takes about a week for the seeds to germinate. Place the tray in a cool place to keep the plant moist. When the plant begins to have the first two leaves, we can move it to a large pot to plant. Plants about 15cm tall can be applied with vermicompost or decayed manure



Peeler and cutter for extraction


We should choose a branch as big as a chopstick, not very old but not very young of the mother persimmon tree, which we know for sure has good properties.

Persimmon branches only need to have a length of 15cm to 20cm. The branch that is too long for the seedling will later grow tall, while its roots are still weak and not strong enough to support the plant.

– Right at the place of extraction, we used a sharp knife to peel off a 2-inch-wide block of peel.

– Then use a mixture of soil mixed with dried cow dung to cover the area that has just been peeled to form an extract the size of areca fruit for rooting plants.

– Outside the pot, use a small piece of white plastic wrap around the extractor so that it is both tight and sealed.

– The two ends of the extractor must be tied tightly with nylon rope so that rainwater as well as irrigation water cannot penetrate inside. That's it.

About half a month after extraction, we have seen many white rootlets appear, but it is best to wait another week before using a sharp knife to cut off the branches and plant them in the ground or in pots.

With its outstanding beauty, shape and fragrance, the rose is the most commonly used symbolic flower in the West.

Fragrant roses increase the taste of life, making home gardens more romantic and poetic. Now owning infrared varieties such as Mon Coeur, Eden, or Molineux makes people fall in love because lovely beauty and beautiful colors.

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