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VinaTap Coco Soil Brick and block

Update: 14/02/2024
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VinaTap Coco Soil
Size : 15x15x5cm và 20x10x5cm; 600gram(5,5 liter)

Made in VinaTap Việt Nam - COntact:

 VinaTap Coco Soil Brick

Pressed coconut humus cake, also known as organic compressed coconut humus soil, is a product made from melon fibers that have been treated with astringents, salt, bacteria and mold removed and pressed into square cakes or bricks. . The product is very good for growing clean vegetables, growing sprouts and mixing soil as a growing medium.
Carefully processed, packaged in a convenient round cake form:

VinaTap Coco Soil pressed coconut mulch is carefully processed and completely removed of tannin, so it is very safe to use for growing plants and vegetables. Besides, the product is also pressed into a round cake shape, when soaked in water it can expand to a volume of about 5 liters.

Use to Grow Sprouts and Clean Vegetables:

Because it has been thoroughly treated with astringent substances, along with good moisture retention and porous properties, when mixed with soil, it will help the plant's roots grow faster and absorb nutrients more easily.
For sprouts, when grown on coconut humus substrate, it will help the sprouts stay fresher and taste better than many other types of substrates.

Product Description Processed Pressed Coconut Mulch
Original size: 20x10x5cm or 15x15x5cm, weight 600 grams.
Size after soaking in water: Each cake is soaked in 5 liters of water, for 15 minutes the coconut mulch expands in water with a volume of 5 - 5.5 liters.

Moist raw coconut humus after VinaTap Coco Soil treatment is dried at a temperature of 600-650 degrees Celsius, bringing the raw material to a humidity of only 11-13 degrees Celsius, sifted to remove coco peat seeds and then added 3% coconut fiber to create texture. Airy, spongy, pressed into a cake.

Main Uses:
Use to mix into substrate, potting soil, and vegetable growing soil to help make it loose and breathable.

Use directly to grow sprouts.
Instructions for use: Soak 1 cake of VinaTap Coco Soil coconut humus 600 grams in 5 liters of clean water, leave for 15 minutes and then beat to get 5.5 liters of coconut humus (more than 5 kg).
Mixing soil for planting: If mixing soil for planting, use about 10% and then mix with soil and fertilizer to grow plants.
Growing sprouts: Use expanded coconut humus directly to grow sprouts.

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