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Why Coco Peat for Cannabis instead of Soil?

Update: 29/11/2023
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Why Coco Peat for Cannabis instead of Soil?


Coconut peat for cannabis plants is used for a bountiful harvest. Plants require large amounts of nutrients to grow well and must respond to a large number of climatic factors. Although many countries around the world only grow cannabis in soil, many different methods are currently being used to achieve better results. Meanwhile, coconut fiber/cocoa peat has become popular as a cannabis growing medium.


Coir/peat is a new growing medium for cannabis. It gives the plant the experience of growing in soil. These cocoa beans have a very high ability to retain moisture and retain nutrients for the root system. It promotes healthy and rapid growth of plant roots.

It's easy to just grab a bag of coco peat from your local grow store and grow your cannabis plant in it. You will get results, but they may not be the results you expected.

The reality is, to grow better cannabis, you need to be smarter about how you grow it. From the nutrients you use, to when you plant the trees, to when you cut them down are all important factors. But one simple change you can make in your growing process to increase yield and quality is to change your growing medium.

And there is no better medium to add to your mix or make a free-standing home for your plants than coconut coir. Here are the top 4 reasons you need to use it in your development process.


Coconut fiber is a by-product. If it weren't for some genius who discovered how wonderful cannabis grows in it, that's what it would be. While coconuts are used for their shells and flesh, from food to textiles primarily throughout Asia, coir is the fibrous material that comes loose during processing.

Instead of throwing away this byproduct, it is recycled and bagged, then shipped around the world. It takes hundreds, thousands, or millions of years to accumulate beneficial bacteria and other decomposing biological materials. Compared to other growing media, coconuts take very little time to mature.

The main source of coir comes from the Malaysian coconut tree, which has spread across most of the world's coastlines, making it the most popular worldwide. After reaching maximum growth after 5-6 years, the coconut tree will continue to bear fruit for several more years.

While six years may seem like a long time to wait for some coconuts, it's much faster than waiting for a peat mine to develop and is much more environmentally friendly than mining. perlite and other means, because just one coconut tree can produce more than 150 coconuts. coconut throughout its life.

The pH value in peat is moderate. Depending on the content of potting soil and other organic substances
Different pH values. Cannabis needs a certain pH to grow. You should take this into account when using organic media and nutritional supplements.

While it's not difficult to change the pH with some additives, you can avoid the trouble altogether by growing coconuts. Being a neutral pH medium, you have more control over your growing environment. It's also easier to manage your feeding without having to account for rapid pH changes that can shock your plants.


Due to its lightweight but waterproof nature, coco peat has excellent ventilation and drainage capabilities. So water can be retained very well. If you want to feed your plants regularly without overfeeding them, coconut is a good choice.

Combining it with other complementary media such as peat and perlite can create a highly aerated mixture that helps retain moisture. Or add cocoa to whatever soil mix you're using to increase the nutrient content.

Imagine a coconut like a giant seed. The way coconuts spread around the world is by falling off trees and rolling into the ocean. After landing on an unfamiliar beach, the coconuts will shed their outer shells during the journey and will eventually grow a new tree.

The same organic, nutrient-rich substance that coconuts produce to sprout new plants is also found in coconut fiber. By adding coco coir to your soil mix, you will receive additional nutrients rich in hormones and biostimulants that encourage more growth. Compared to peat which is also full of nutrients, in addition to the obvious regenerative benefits of coconut, it is also a much more durable material. In fact, coir is so resistant to compression and breakage that it can last three times longer than peat.

Custom made low/high EC coco peat blocks are available at affordable prices!


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